Give me 3 minutes of your day, watch this video & feel truly enlightened.

You will not regret it.

I could sit here & write so much about this video but I just want you to…Think ❤


Who You Are


You are a unique human being.

Nobody in the whole world is made exactly like you.

Be proud of who you are 🙂 ! Don’t waste any energy on wishing you were somebody else, overlooking how special YOU truly are.

Your “flaws” are what make you stand out in the crowd, they are what make you  so incredibly beautiful.

In time, I hope you can see just how special you are, as special as you are to me.

(Did you spot the hidden message in this post? Look again. I’m talking to every single person that reads this, don’t count yourself out. You are precious.)

You Are Not Alone

Have you ever felt alone in a sea of people?

Even in a world of millions of people, sometimes it can feel like the loneliest place…


To each person who feels alone right now –

I wish I could show you the light of your own being.

How special you are.

How  much the world needs YOU in it.

Here is a link to a previous blog post of mine that may help you create a little bit on sunshine in your life 🙂 :


Remember to smile..xo






Beautiful Soul…

“She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines.

She was beautiful for the way she thought.

She was beautiful for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved.

She was beautiful for her ability to make others smile even when she was sad.

No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks.

She was beautiful, deep down to her soul.”


You don’t just find beauty by using your eyes, open your heart to find the true beauty in life.

This isn’t to say that as you age, you are no longer beautiful because that is so far from the truth.

Just always remember to see past the “decoration” & seek the inner beauty of the soul because that is precious 🙂


I haven’t blogged in a while & being realistic, I am sure that nobody has noticed but I do feel a pang of guilt when I don’t blog in a long time because the whole point of this blog is to help others that may need a little ray of sunshine in their lives, even if its just for a minute while they read what I have to say. Even if you don’t “follow” me or read every single one of my posts, I am always hoping that someone who needs a little encouragement one day, will come across my post & find comfort in what I have to say. If I can help just one person feel a little bit better then it has all been worth it 🙂



I can’t tell you how truly grateful I am to have or have had a few close friends in my life & I’m not sure where I would be right now without them. I might not see them often but with the handy use of technology I can speak to them by email/text etc whenever I like. There is no other way to say it other than, they saved me.

I am grateful for every minute of their time that they gave up to talk to me & for every word that they said. To have someone give up their time for you, to love you when you forget to love yourself is more precious than any gift that could be bought.

Today give somebody close to you the gift of time. Your time.

You never really know when somebody might just need a friend..xo