Am I Broken?


Use those broken pieces to help build & strengthen the pathway to the new, stronger, wiser you.

You are NOT broken beyond repair.

You are a Hero.

And a damn tough one at that.



Better Things Are Coming!


To anybody having a rough time, know that better things are coming! Be strong & hold on until the bumpy ride is over & you’ll come out of the other side of it feeling stronger than ever before. Trust the process ❤

You Are Not Alone

Have you ever felt alone in a sea of people?

Even in a world of millions of people, sometimes it can feel like the loneliest place…


To each person who feels alone right now –

I wish I could show you the light of your own being.

How special you are.

How  much the world needs YOU in it.

Here is a link to a previous blog post of mine that may help you create a little bit on sunshine in your life 🙂 :


Remember to smile..xo