One BumbleBee, Three Children and Me – A Lesson Learned

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One Bumblebee, Three Children and Me – A Lesson Learned

by Mike O’Connor


Firstly, let me state that I’m TERRIFIED of Bees and Wasps. Whilst I recognize that this fear (phobia?) of mine is, to some degree, irrational, I’ve lived with it for forty odd years and gotten used to it. It is what it is, you know? Usually when one of these flying, weaponised insects comes anywhere close to my person, I will take evasive action and even happily run away at full speed. Being that I am a six-foot four beanpole of a human being, I have been told that my running at a sprint is a glorious sight to behold and one that family and friends have enjoyed witnessing many times. Yes, they do laugh out loud at me sometimes and, I guess, I can kind of laugh at myself too. I mean, I’m such a big…

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