Enough is Enough.

All I ever seem to hear these days is people putting others down, insulting them, judging them, making disgusting comments about them, making them feel inferior. Whether it’s directly to victims face or behind their backs to one of their own friends! Sometimes it could be “only a slip of the tongue” or “they didn’t mean it like THAT”. But, it HURTS. Isn’t there enough hurt in the world already without adding to that?

It does make me wonder if they have ever heard of this phrase?! …


** Enough is enough! **

e3c2701998a9c186d3cb7fcfa2fe3b16 – Even if you think it is silly or nobody will want to hear what you have to say. SAY IT!

If you have something negative to say – Stop & Think. A passing comment that you didn’t think much about before putting it out into the world, could just as easily crush someone elses world. You have no idea how it may affect that person or how long that comment you made will be swirling around in their head when they are feeling low.

Happiness is powerful.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go 🙂


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