New Year Inspiration

Happy New Year to everyone on wordpress! It’s 2014!!


It’s a sparkly, fresh, NEW year just waiting to be lived. What are you going to do to make this year, YOUR year?

You have a whole year ahead of you now & it can go any way that you want it to. New years day 2015 are you going to be looking back, wishing you had made 2014 better, just wishing that you had truly made the most of it? Or are you going to be looking back thinking “wow, that was the best year ever!!!” – I know which one I’d rather pick!

Accept that there may be some days in 2014 where everything isn’t “perfect” but on those days where the sun feels like it isn’t shining on you, create your own sunshine! Be the light that guides you through the hard times & come out of it feeling STRONGER & ready to take on whatever happens next! Just know that right around that corner, something amazing IS going to happen! Every rainbow needs a little rain 🙂 – It helps you truly appreciate those good days

In 365 days – How many adventures can you have? How many GREAT days? How many places can you visit? How many celebrations will you have? The possibilities are endless!!

I can’t wait to see what happens in my year & I hope that you all have an AMAZING 2014 – Make it special xo



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