The Most Beautiful People


For me, a persons true beauty is something that we can not see on the outside. We can’t see this by simply looking at someone. It comes from within. Those who judge other people by just looking at the “cover on the book”  may miss out on meeting the most genuine, wonderful people they could ever hope of meeting.

The outer layer is just decoration.

The picture above says it all, some of the most beautiful people that I personally know are the ones who know what it is like to struggle in life. They are the ones who have chosen to use their previous or constant struggles to help others, to offer compassion, love and kindness to others who are struggling. What is more beautiful than that?

One friend of mine in particular has recently started a blog on wordpress “manofwheels” . He is truly a huge inspiration in my life & always will be. He not only inspires me daily but his family and 100’s of friends too. If you’re interested in reading about his story, his blog is

Thank you for taking the time to read my post & I hope that I have reminded or inspired you to seek the inner beauty in the people that you next meet 🙂


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