Natures Best

One of the most beautifully magical things that I love to see is the delights of nature at its best.

Every night I find myself standing at my kitchen window, looking out over the grassy field and the trees that surround it and there it is, it never fails to amaze me.

Here is a picture that I took on my phone a few weeks ago, the blue night sky, filled with pink clouds:


Something as simple as looking at the sky at night can just give me that glimmer of hope, hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day and that I can make it through any troubles or worries that I may have.

It reminds me to see the beauty in every day… in every little thing.

Do you know the best thing about nature? You can be anywhere, at any time and you can see it.

So the next time you feel like you need a pick me up, just look around you.

The world may not be perfect, but it IS beautiful…if you take the time to stop, take notice and appreciate the little things in life…xo


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