New Years Resolutions – In September?! …

I know it is slightly (only slightly ha ha) too early to be even contemplating thinking about Christmas or New Year (please stay with me & keep reading) but I had a thought today & wanted to share it with you.

At the beginning of the year, many of us make New Years resolutions, perhaps share them with co-workers, family or friends. Or, just make a mental note of a list of things we would like to change in our lives in the year ahead.. It could be.. to read more often, to make healthier choices, to see our family more often…whatever our heart desires.

Today I was thinking about what I had personally hoped to achieve in 2014. How do I feel about those things now? Are they still my goals? What do I have left to do?

I wanted to write this post today to remind you that we do still have time in 2014 to turn it all around if you didn’t achieve those things, don’t give up now! Make the last months of 2014 count so that we can all look back & be so proud of what we have achieved & look forward to the exciting times ahead in 2015! …. Plus, it does make next years resolutions list that bit smaller if we get a few things done now ;) hehe.

Towards the beginning of the year, motivation is usually at its highest. However, as the months go on, life gets ahead of you & you may start to forget all/some of those wonderful promises that you made to yourself. If you ever feel like quitting, remember why you made those promises in the first place.

I don’t want to be one of those people who feels slightly bitter about, yet again not accomplishing what I wanted to & adding it onto next years hopes. I want to be one of those people who can say… In 2014, I vowed to make these changes in my life & I HAVE!!

Sometimes change can be painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere that you don’t belong. Find the courage within yourself to let go of the things you can’t change & start today to change those that you CAN!

Good luck to anybody who is trying to make a change in their lives, no matter what it may be. I’m sending you my best of best wishes, huge hugs for the hard times & I hope that when you look back at your 2014, it was everything that you wanted it to be and more..xo

One Thought


Dreading what’s ahead of you today? Urgh, we all have those days unfortunately!

Aim to wake up & think about something positive in your life or something that you are grateful for & change your whole day!

Positive thoughts = A positive day :)

Try it :) ….what do you have to lose?

Collage of Happiness :)

Sometimes life seems extremely difficult. Happy memories get pushed to the back of your mind, you almost forget that they even happened in the first place! Those bad memories creep in & take over your mind, making you feel helpless & sucking every last bit of happiness from your soul.

I’m here, sharing with you a collage of happiness that I made for you today, to inspire you & to prove to you that there is light in the world yet, to warm your heart & to hopefully make you smile :)

Remember that… happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

(Quote from Harry Potter)


Each picture made me smile & I hope at least one of them makes you smile too!

Thanks for reading! ..xo



One of those days…

Having a bad day?

Don’t ever let a bad day trick you into feeling like you have a bad life. It’s just a bad day. A strength builder, which will help you through tomorrow & the next day.. and the next.

After all, how could we possibly detect the bad days from the good if all we ever had was the good days? How would we truly appreciate those great days?


Embrace the bad days, show the world what you’re made of! Show them how STRONG you are & that you will keep on fighting until the end!

BRING IT ON, because we can conquer anything! We are always stronger than we believe ourselves to be.

If you don’t feel like taking on the world on one of those gloomy days, just remember that your rainbow is around the corner, great things are about to happen. You just have to put up with a little rain until it’s your turn to shine & all it takes is a little time :)

May unicorns fart rainbows all over your day…


Keep smiling ;)